Thursday, October 13, 2011

Texas Killing Fields Movie Review |

'Texas Killing Fields' Movie Review, Written by: Karen Benardello

Directed by: Ami Canaan Mann

Starring: Sam Worthington (‘Avator,’ ‘Clash of the Titans’), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (‘Watchmen,’ TV’s ‘Supernatural’), Chloe Grace Moretz (‘Kick-Ass,’ ‘Let Me In’)

The success of many action-thriller films heavily relies on the visuals and stunts to entice and engage audience interest. But the new Anchor Bay Films release ‘Texas Killing Fields,’ which was inspired by real murders in the oil refineries of the southeastern section of the state and based on the novel of the same name, instead focuses on the actors’ chemistry and the characters’ reactions to the killer. First-time feature film director Ami Canaan Mann surprisingly succeeds in telling the tale of the detectives investigating the case instead of the victims.

‘Texas Killing Fields’ follows League City homicide detective Jake Souder (played by Sam Worthington) and his partner, New York City officer Brian Heigh, (portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who was transferred to help track a sadistic serial killer. The perpetrator became known for dumping his victims’ bodies in a nearby marsh called “The Killing Fields.” As Jake and Brian become familiar with the killer’s patterns, the suspect changes his routine and begins hunting the two detectives. The two become even more determined to catch the killer when he kidnaps a local girl, Little Annie Sliger (played by Chloe Grace Moretz), who Brian has come to care about after protecting her from her negligent mother.

The main driving force in the crime thriller is the relationship between Jake and Brian, as the two take completely different approaches to their work. Screenwriter Don Ferrarone, who penned ‘The Texas Killing Fields,’ perfectly create two two completely different, but equally complex, interesting characters who both immediately pull the audience into the story. Brian, a religious family man, is determined to always help people and help solve cases, even if they’re out of his jurisdiction. Jake, meanwhile, just wants to follow the rules and not get in trouble with his superiors.

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