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Interview: Joe Nimziki Talks The Howling: Reborn |

Read Shockya's exclusive interview with Joe Nimziki, who’s making his feature film directorial and writing debut with the upcoming ‘The Howling: Reborn.’ The horror film, which is set to hit Blu-ray and DVD on October 18, 2011, is the seventh sequel in the popular ‘Howling’ franchise. It follows Will, played by Landon Liboiron, who, upon his high school graduation, learns that he’s about to become a werewolf. Will’s discovery comes as he just starts bonding with Eliana Wynter, played by Lindsey Shaw, a girl he has long liked. In order to save their love and lives, they must battle not only Will’s growing lust for blood, but the beasts who are set on killing him. Nimziki discusses with us, among other things, why he decided to sign onto the film, and what it was like casting the lead characters.

Written by: Karen Benardello

ShockYa (SY): ‘The Howling: Reborn’ serves as the reboot of the popular 1980s and ‘90s werewolf horror franchise. What do you find so compelling about the series that convinced you to sign on as the new film’s writer and director?

Joe Nimziki (JN): I was a fan of the original when I was young…never saw any sequels. But I always thought werewolves could be such a great way to tell a coming of age story, so when I was offered the chance to write and direct a reboot and tell whatever story I wanted…I was interested.

SY: Being the writer of ‘The Howling: Reborn,’ did you solely create the movie’s story, or did the producers and Anchor Bay Films give you ideas of what they wanted you to focus the plot on?

JN: I wrote the script and the producers and Anchor Bay decided to make it. I was really happy they were all up for something that wasn’t just creatures killing a bunch of kids one by one, but had a coming of age and love story element. They were very supportive.

SY: The film follows Landon Liboiron’s character Will, a high school student who discovers he’s a werewolf. Given that werewolf films aren’t usually as successful as movies that feature their enemy, vampires, what makes ‘The Howling: Reborn’ unique, and why should horror fans see it?

JN: I think sometimes werewolves get a bad rap. People think they’re not as sexy or whatever as vampires. But hopefully this film will debunk that a bit. The urge to lose control and live just by instinct can be dangerous, sexy…the very things that I think people like vampire flicks for.

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