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Interview: Ivana Milicevic Talks The Howling: Reborn |

Read Shockya's exclusive interview with actress Ivana Milicevic, who portrays Catherine Kidman in the new horror film ‘The Howling: Reborn.’ The movie, which was helmed by first-time director and screenwriter Joe Nimziki and is now available on Blu-ray and DVD, follows Catherine’s son Will, played by Landon Liboiron, on the eve of his high school graduation. He discovers that he’s about to become a werewolf just as he grows closer to Eliana Wynter, portrayed by Lindsey Shaw, who he’s liked for the past four years. Will must decide whether he wants to embrace his new inner beast, or fight for Eliana and what’s left of his humanity. Milicevic discusses with us, among other things, what attracted her to the role of Catherine, and what her working relationships with Nimziki and the rest of the cast were like.

Written by: Karen Benardello

ShockYa (SY): You portray Catherine in ‘The Howling: Reborn,’ who is attacked by a werewolf in the beginning of the film while she’s pregnant with Will. What did you find unique about the movie that convinced you to take on the role of Catherine?

Ivana Milicevic (IM): What I liked about my part in particular was that I got to play all these different aspects. I got to play this motherly, seductress, maternal character. I kind of liked that there was both of these things, which was powerful. Then in the beginning, she was normal. But that kind of got cut out, so all you saw were these little bits and pieces. But that was fun for me, because usually I’m pretty scared of horror movies. I don’t watch them because they scare me.

**Spoiler Alert** SY: One of the biggest surprises of the movie is that while Will grew up thinking his mother was killed when he was born, Catherine reveals herself to still be alive, and a werewolf herself, on the eve of her graduation. Why do you feel it’s important for Catherine to not only wait until Will’s about to become a werewolf to reveal herself, but also that she wants him to join her?

IM: Well, she wants her baby back. I guess she wasn’t in his life for a long time because she was forming her army. In that time, she learned that Will’s powers weren’t going to come to be until then, so that’s why she came back for him. It all had to do with Will’s identity, because it’s revealed to him at that time, too. **End Spoiler Alert**

SY: Landon Liboiron plays Will in the film. What was your working relationship with him?

IM: I loved working with all of those kids. They always called me “Mama,” and it’s kind of funny. (laughs) We had a really good time together. Landon’s a really good actor as well. We would all get together. We would try to make the movie as good as it can be, because it’s still a low-budget movie, and we didn’t have a lot of time for shooting it. There weren’t a lot of takes, and we were just trying to make the best thing we could make, under the circumstances.

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