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DVD Review: The Truth About Angels |

The Truth About Angels Movie Review, Written by: Karen Benardello

Directed by: Lichelli Lazar-Lea (‘Stranded’)

Starring: Antonio Del Prete (‘Mission: Impossible III’), Simon Rex and Dree Hemingway

Many Americans have come to envy the lifestyles of celebrities and the monetary success they have come to achieve. While these stars seem to have the perfect existence to the rest of the world, few realize the conflicts they face during their personal lives. First time feature writer and director Lichelli Lazar-Lea unfortunately includes several cliched aspects in the plot of her thriller ‘The Truth About Angels’ to prove this point. Her lead character, struggling artist Pablo, is one such person who wants to emulate the celebrities’ success, but he has put his career over his family. He faces his own personal conflict when he eventually sees the errors of his ways and wants to change his life for the sake of his daughter, but doesn’t know how.

‘The Truth About Angels’ follows Pablo (played by Lazar-Lea’s real-life husband Antonio del Prete), who feels trapped in his marriage to his wife Anna (portrayed by Monique Gabriela Curnen). While fearing that he’ll never succeed in the Los Angeles art world, Pablo is constantly fighting with Anna about what she perceives to be his lack of interest in raising their toddler daughter. Pablo feels his luck will change after his oldest friend, Kane Connor (played by Simon Rex), the newest up-and-coming Hollywood actor, invites him to an ultra exclusive Malibu party. The new father faces temptation and fights his conscience when he’s introduced to a beautiful young party girl, Kristi (portrayed by Dree Hemingway). Pablo must make the difficult decision to either give into his temptation, or stay true to his family.

Lazar-Lea has said she penned ‘The Truth About Angels’ after giving birth to her daughter with Del Prete. She became concerned not only about the idea of raising a family in the entertainment industry in L.A., but also without the support of her and her husband’s families, who live in different countries. While Lazar-Lea deserves credit for wanting to showcase the real-life issues many new, struggling families face, these sentiments unfortunately lead to the inclusion of overly common characters.

Pablo is one of the main stereotypical characters in ‘The Truth About Angels,’ despite Lazar-Lea’s best efforts to make him relatable to modern parents. While he wants to protect, provide for and be involved with his family, he doesn’t fully grasp with he’s missing in Anna and their daughter’s life until he’s tempted by Kristi. While at the party, he realizes his distance from his family, and decision to not be more actively involved in his daughter’s upbringing, can lead to his daughter becoming shallow, materialistic and self absorbed.

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