Friday, October 21, 2011

Paranormal Activity Movie Review

'Paranormal Activity' Examiner Movie Review, Written by: Karen Benardello

Creating follow ups to highly popular horror films can be a difficult task, as writers and directors begin to run out of interesting plot twists and terrifying stunts and scare tactics. Screenwriter Christopher B. Landon and directors Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost took on the difficult task of creating the new prequel to ‘Paranormal Activity,’ one of the most profitable, and what some audiences believe to be one of the most terrifying, movies of all time. While the filmmakers cast actors who convincingly portrayed their roles in 'Paranormal Activity 3,' which is now playing at area Long Island theaters, the script unfortunately failed to create the same scares as its predecessors.

‘Paranormal Activity 3’ starts off a year before the previous two films, with Katie (played by Katie Featherston) delivering a box of old VHS tapes to her sister Kristi (portrayed by Sprague Grayden) and her husband Daniel (played by Brian Boland). A year later, the tapes are the only items stolen from their house during what appears to be a burglary. The second sequel then skips back to 1988, when the girls are living with their mother, Julie (portrayed by Lauren Bittner), and her new husband, Dennis (played by Christopher Nicholas Smith). As Kristi begins talking to her imaginary friend Toby, Dennis notices strange noises and occurrences around the house, and decides to videotape the family at night.

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