Thursday, October 25, 2012

Interview: Matthew Lillard Talks Fat Kid Rules the World

Interview: Matthew Lillard Talks Fat Kid Rules the World, Written by: Karen Benardello Teenagers often struggle with numerous obstacles throughout high school, from not fitting in with their peers to struggling with their body images and how they perceive themselves. That's certainly the case with the main character, Troy Billings, in the new comedy 'Fat Kid Rules the World,' which is now playing in select theaters in New York and Los Angeles, and is available nationwide on VOD. But when Troy finally finds a friend who wants to help him, he faces even more conflict when his father disapproves of his new relationship, starting the cycle all over again. 'Fat Kid Rules the World,' which is based on the 2003 novel of the same name by KL Going, follows Troy (played by Jacob Wysocki), an overweight and suicidal 17-year-old. Just as he's ready to end his life by jumping in front of a bus, Marcus (portrayed by Matt O'Leary), a high school dropout and street musician, saves Troy. The two begin an uneasy friendship when Marcus enlists the musically challenged Troy to become the drummer in a new punk rock band. As their friendship begins to grow, Troy's father (played by Billy Campbell) becomes increasingly concerned about his son's new relationship. Actor Matthew Lillard, who made his feature film directorial debut with the comedy, generously took the time to discuss over the phone recently the shooting of the movie. Among other things, the filmmaker, who also produced 'Fat Kid Rules the World,' spoke about why he wanted to helm the movie, why he financed the project through Kickstarter and what the casting process was like for Wysocki. Question (Q): You made your feature film directorial debut with the new comedy 'Fat Kid Rules the World.' What was it about the script that led you to become interested in helming the film? Matthew Lillard (ML) : Troy's an underdog, and I love underdog stories. I saw myself reflected in him. He represents every kid in high school that doesn't feel like they fit in. I think everyone feels that in some point in their life. I loved that he started in a really dark place. Q: Michael M.B. Galvin and Peter Speakman co-wrote the script for 'Fat Kid Rules the World.' Did Michael and Peter approach you with the script, and ask you to direct the film? How did you become involved in the project? ML: I recorded the book on tape. I found it, and saw in it a great story, and an unbelievable opportunity to tell a great story. So I went searching for someone to write the script on spec. Michael and Peter had a great spec script, and I read it, and I loved it. I brought them in, and Michael plays punk rock music in a little punk rock band. I completely fell in love with the story, and we all hit it off. They wrote the script on spec 10 years ago. It took 10 years to find somebody to believe in me and the story enough to write a check to make the movie. To continue reading this interview, please visit Shockya.

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