Sunday, October 14, 2012

Greystone Park DVD Review

Greystone Park DVD Review, Written by: Karen Benardello It’s common for many curious adventure-seekers to want to test out the validity of all urban legends, no matter what the danger they may put themselves in. Even the threat against their mental capabilities doesn’t deter people, and at times can encourage them, especially if they can videotape it to prove that the unbelievable event actually happened. That’s certainly the case in the new horror film ‘Greystone Park,’ which is based on the true events of the film’s writers, which can be rented on DVD tomorrow at select New York Blockbuster locations. ‘Greystone Park’ follows two filmmakers, Alex (played by Alexander Wraith) and Sean (portrayed by New York native Sean Stone), who are accompanied by Antonella (played by Antonella Lentini), as they broke into the abandoned title psychiatric hospital. Greystone was notorious for its use of electroshock and lobotomies to treat mental illness in its patients. The three want to test the urban legend that anyone who enters the hospital goes insane. Once inside, they discover that they’re truly not alone, as they’re haunted by ghosts and demonic shadows. They record their descent into a realm of fear, paranoia and madness. Stone, who made his feature film directorial and writing debut with the horror film, made the bold and daring decision to base his first movie on actual experiences he and Wraith, his co-scribe, actually had in the real Greystone Park hospital. But what truly differentiates ‘Greystone Park’ from other documentary, found-footage style horror films is that Stone effortlessly uses the power of suggestion and doesn’t fully show every scare the characters encounter, in order to allow audiences to use their imagination to fully understand what Alex, Sean and Antonella are experiencing. The shakiness of the cameras aids the allusions of what the filmmakers truly experienced while they were initially exploring Greystone Park, before they began shooting the narrative film. To continue reading this review, please visit Examiner.


  1. Thank you for posting this review of Greystone Park, Karen. I watched it this weekend with a couple of friends. I rented it online before leaving my office at DISH, and it was downloaded to my Hopper DVR and ready to watch before I got to my door. I thought it was a good movie. I agree that there are shortcomings in the story and acting, but I thing Stone makes up for this by setting a richly textured atmosphere and using the found footage style to his advantage.

  2. Thank you for your thoughts, Edgar. It was a frightening concept, but some shortcomings with the script and acting.