Monday, October 1, 2012

Interview: The Cast and Crew Talk About The Oranges

Interview: The Cast and Crew Talk About 'The Oranges,' Written by: Karen Benardello ‘The Oranges’ director, English filmmaker Julian Farino, along with actors Hugh Laurie, Catherine Keener, Oliver Platt, Allison Janney, Adam Brody and Alia Shawkat, all participated in a press conference recently at New York City’s Crosby Hotel, to speak about shooting the movie. The filmmaker and the cast discussed, among other things, how previously working together on other projects helped them act together in the film; what attracted them to the script; and how the themes and morals of the story could have taken place anywhere in the world. Question (Q): Adam, can you talk about your upcoming projects for this year? You have three other films besides ‘The Oranges’ set to come out. Adam Brody (AB): I do have a few things coming out this year. However, ‘The Oranges’ has been a long time coming. Julian, was I the first cast in this? Julian Farino (JF): I’m sorry to say that you were not. (laughs) But you were the only person I had in mind for your part. AB: I feel as though I’ve been on this for three years. So it’s great this is finally coming out. I’m excited to be here. Q: Julian, were there any thoughts of casting Alia as Oliver’s daughter? There’s more of a resemblance between them. JF: You have to go through the essence of the parts and the characters. Vanessa was always intended for Alia. She had the intelligence and the point of view of Vanessa. I did have maps of where everybody fits with their likenesses. Once we had all the correct characters in place, we worked towards making the characters feel as though they have history. The friendships feel as though they go back 25 years. When you have a half day of rehearsal, it’s not that easy. That’s what the actors brought. To continue reading this interview, please visit Shockya.

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