Sunday, October 7, 2012

Interview: Alexa Prisco Talks Glam Fairy

Interview: Alexa Prisco Talks Glam Fairy, Written by: Karen Benardello Some people become so involved in their work and finding success in their career that often times, they push personal relationships aside so they won't put their job in danger. Business owner Alexa Prisco, who runs her own make-up, hair and styling business in Hoboken, New Jersey, the Glam Factory, was so involved in her work that she surprised everyone, even herself, when she became engaged. Prisco, who is now married and is expecting her first child, who has finally found personal happiness, is putting her life and career in perspective. The second season of Prisco's hit Style Network reality show, 'Glam Fairy,' which debuts on Sunday, October 7 at 9pm ET/PT, follows her romance with her fiancé Danny. The make-up artist also learns how to manage personal relationships while running the Glam Factory. Prisco's life is completely different than how she expected it to turn out-from falling in love to getting married to having children. But Prisco realizes that she can't control everything, from planning her wedding to dealing with family drama to expanding her Glam Fairy empire. But conflict and insecurities still do run wild at the Glam Factory, which puts relationships to the test as Alexa learns to manage her staff without ruining friendships. Prisco took the time to discuss the second season of 'Glam Fairy' over the phone recently. Among other things, the expectant mother-to-be spoke about why she decided to film a second season, why she's still so involved in all aspects of her business empire and why she won't allow work to come in the way of raising her first child. Question (Q): The second season of your Style Network reality show, 'Glam Fairy,' is set to premiere on Sunday, October 7 at 9pm ET/PT. Why did you decide to continue chronicling your professional and personal lives on the show for another season? Alexa Prisco (AP): Well, I think the cool thing about this season is that you're going to see a much different side of me as a business owner. You're going to see what I'm struggling with as a mom and a wife, and I think that's what makes it super interesting. Q: 'Glam Fairy' is a spin-off of another Style Network reality show you appeared on, 'Jerseylicious.' What was the process of having 'Glam Fairy' being picked up as a series-did the network approach you with the idea, or did you pitch the idea to Style? AP: No, they found me. I liked that they wanted to cover my business, and I thought it was a really good opportunity. For the first season, we kept it more of a hybrid of a documentary, where you learn something, and a soap opera. But now I would say it's more on the drama end. I think that's going to quench a lot of people's thirst out there. (laughs) To continue reading this interview, please visit Yahoo! Voices.

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