Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jock the Hero Dog Movie Review

Jock the Hero Dog Examiner Movie Review, Written by: Karen Benardello Overcoming diversity and accepting one’s own differences is one of the most important lessons that children, as well as adults, need to learn how to do. The new animated family comedy ‘Jock the Hero Dog’ successfully uses a small, but loveable and strong-willed dog, to prove that accepting everyone’s differences is one important thing that everyone needs to learn to do. The film, which is now available for Long Islanders to buy at Walmart, uses realistic, vibrant animation and memorable musical numbers to help showcase this important message. ‘Jock the Hero Dog’ follows the title character (Bryan Adams) as he accompanies his master Fitz (Donald Sutherland narrating the film and Theo Landey in the movie’s narrative) to search for gold throughout South East Africa. With encouragement from his mother, Jess (Helen Hunt) Jock grows from being the runt of his litter to the most famous dog in Africa. Jess tells Jock not to try to understand human ways, as they’re different from dog values, but to instead support Fitz as much as he can during their journey. Watch the official trailer for the new animated family comedy Jock the Hero Dog, which is now available on DVD. Video: Jock the Hero Dog Trailer Jock first encounters human civilization at Crooks Corner, which is run by the evil Seedling (Rob Hobbs0 and his powerful pet baboon, George (Anthony Bishop). Influenced by Seedling’s corrupt ways and greed, no one stands in George’s way. Jock finds the courage to stand up to George, in order to prove that every animal is equal. Filmmaker Duncan MacKeillie, who served on many aspects of ‘Jock the Hero Dog,’ including directing, writing, producing and as the camera and layout artist, created visually stunning animation for the family adventure comedy. Jock, Jess and their fellow animals move realistically and look convincingly genuine throughout the course of the film. Whether Jock is running and hiding from larger predators in the wild, arguing with George in crooks Corner or sitting and talking to his mother, he perfectly captures the actual movements of dogs. To continue reading this review, please click here.

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