Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Age of the Dragons DVD Review

Age of the Dragons Examiner DVD Review, Written by: Karen Benardello Stunning visual effects, impressive sets and costumes and excitingly choreographed fight sequences are all important aspects of any successful action thriller. Not only do films in the genre have to visually impress audiences, they must also showcase genuine character portrayals and believable relationships between the actors in order to truly succeed. The new action thriller ‘Age of the Dragons,’ which is now available to rent at select Long Island Red Box locations, unfortunately forgot to include any inspiring visual effects. The success of the films was ultimately left on the believability of the relationship between two of the main characters. ‘Age of the Dragons’ follows Captain Ahab (played by Danny Glover) and his crew as they hunt dragons for the vitriol that powers the medieval realm they live in. Ahab’s adopted daughter Rachel (portrayed by Sofia Pernas) runs his hunting vessel, which he obsessively steers to find the great White Dragon. Ahab is determined to once again battle the dragon that slaughtered his family when he was young and left his body scarred. Watch the official trailer for the new action thriller Age of the Dragon, which is now available on DVD. Video: Age of the Dragons trailer Rachel recruits Ishmael (played by Corey Sevier), a charismatic harpooner, and his friend Queenqueg (portrayed by John Kepa Kruse), to join the crew on Ahab’s ship to hunt dragons and search for the White Dragon. Once in the dragon’s lair, Ahab’s secrets are revealed. Rachel must choose between continuing with her adopted father on his quest or escape to start a new life with Ishmael. With a reported limited budget of $5 million, Ryan Little, the director of ‘Age of the Dragons,’ didn’t have much money to incorporate any stunning visual elements into the film. Even with his directing experience in the action and thriller genres, Little unfortunately neglected to find a way to put the budget he did have to good use. The lack of budget and creativity is evident in Little’s failure to create authentic and impressive sets, costumes, special effects or action sequences for the medieval world Ahab, Ishmael and their colleagues live in. To continue reading this review, please click here.

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