Saturday, July 7, 2012

Interview: Shaun Gerardo Talks Basement Bugs

Shockya Interview: Shaun Gerardo Talks Basement Bugs, Written by: Karen Benardello Some of the most terrifying and original horror movies which still resonate with fans today are entries in the slasher sub-genre from the 1970s and ’80s, which can be seen in the fact that they’re continuously being remade today. While several of these films, such as ‘Halloween’ and ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street,’ have influenced actor and producer Shaun Gerardo in his career, he’s hoping to prove that short films can be just as frightening. His upcoming horror short ‘Basement Bugs,’ which was written and will be directed by Nick Coviello, looks promising to do just that. ‘Basement Bugs’ follows a desperate young man who hears a rumor that his apartment building’s superintendent may have a secret safe locked away in the basement. Taking advantage of a building-wide fumigation, the young man breaks into the private space of the superintendent, only to be consumed by the gnawing terror that awaits him. Gerardo generously took the time to speak with us over the phone recently to talk about the production of ‘Basement Bugs.’ Among other things, the actor and producer also discussed what drew him to his role, what it’s like working with Coviello and why he enjoys the horror genre so much. ShockYa (SY): You’ll be appearing in the upcoming horror short ‘Basement Bugs.’ What details can you provide about your character in the film, and what attracted you to the role? Shaun Gerardo (SG): The role I play in the film is actually Amile. He’s not necessarily a bad person, but he’s a person in a tough situation. I would say he’s a drug addict, but he’s got exposure to them. He just wants to resolve his situation so that he can feel like he doesn’t have desperation. SY: How would you describe the story of the film, and what your character goes through? SG: I think it’s a small high, and then a deep valley. He feels like he has an end to his suffering. He feels like he’s finding what he needs to do to live his life well. He ends up in a terrible situation. He has nobody but himself to try to get out of it. It’s like he foresaw his own doom in the last 15 minutes of the film. To continue reading this interview, please click here.

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