Monday, July 23, 2012

Interview: Jacob Hopkins Talks True Blood

Interview: Jacob Hopkins Talks True Blood, Written by: Karen Benardello Sometimes the family business is embedded in people’s blood. That’s certainly the case with up-and-coming actor Jacob Hopkins, who was discovered at the age of five while accompanying his father, who’s also an actor, to a meeting with his agent. The 10-year-old actor is currently showcasing his talent in his breakthrough role on the fifth season of HBO’s acclaimed fantasy horror drama series ‘True Blood.’ In a recurring arc, Hopkins plays Alexander Drew, the youngest (looking) member of the Vampire authority, who was turned at the age of nine. Hopkins, who made his debut on the June 17th episode of ‘True Blood,’ ‘Authority Always Wins,’ generously took the time to speak with us recently over the phone. Among other things, Hopkins spoke about why he wanted to portray Alexander; what it was like working with his co-stars, including reuniting with his ‘Priest’ co-star, Stephen Moyer, and another also recently cast Vampire Authority member, Christopher Meloni; and how he prepared for the role of the impulsive vampire. ShockYa (SY): You play Alexander Drew, a member of the Vampire Authority, on this season of ‘True Blood.’ Why did you want to play Alexander on the show? Jacob Hopkins (JH): I really like characters like Gollum from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ or Jekyll and Hyde. These guys really fascinate me, and that’s how Alexander is. He’s sort of like that too-he has that dual personality. He’s supposed to be really tough and shy. Also, he’s supposed to be creepy. I can really act like that. SY: How did you get ready for the role of Alexander before you began shooting? JH: Well, my dad helped me prepare for the role. I had the ideas of what he was supposed to be like. He was supposed to be a creepy, sarcastic, wise vampire. He’s not really scared of anything, he’s really calm. He doesn’t really talk a lot, and he knows you better than you think he does. So when I got on set, I was thinking I was more important than anyone in that world, and anyone in the Authority. He’s supposed to be this tough vampire. To continue reading this interview, please click here.

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