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Interview: Reiko Aylesworth Talks Buzz Kill and The Understudy |

Read's exclusive interview with actress Reiko Aylesworth, who can next be seen in the upcoming independent comedies ‘Buzz Kill’ and ‘The Understudy.’ The former is set to hit DVD on February 14, 2012, and the latter will hit select theaters in early March. The actress has also made a name for herself on in series regular, recurring and guest starring roles on such television shows as ’24,’ ‘ER’ and ‘The Good Wife.’ She can currently be seen playing Malia Waincroft on the hit CBS drama ‘Hawaii Five-0.’ Aylesworth discusses with us, among other things, what drew her to ‘Buzz Kill’ and ‘The Understudy,’ and why she enjoys appearing in both films and on television.

Written by: Karen Benardello

ShockYa (SY): You portray Sara, the wife of the lead character, Ray Wyatt, in ‘Buzz Kill.’ What was it about the script that convinced you to audition for, and accept the role, of Sara?

Reiko Aylesworth (RA): It was just so wonderfully dark and weird and funny. It hit a certain note with me that I don’t see often. I don’t see this oddball, strange kind of comedy. It seems like a lot of comedy is, which I love too, is winking at the camera. (With ‘Buzz Kill’), it seems like everyone is struggling to do their best. That’s the kind of comedy I love, because it seems like my life. (laughs) We’re all trying to do our best. That’s what really appealed to me about the script. Also, it had the serious side and wonderful bits of dark humor.

SY: In your scenes in the film, Sara is talking to Ray on the phone. What was your working relationship with Daniel Raymont, who plays Ray in the film, like?

RA: You know, I was only working a few days. But I hopped right in there, and it was great. We had a lot of fun. He was really open and willing to be flexible with our relationship and the history of what was going on. So we had some fun.

SY: Were you actually speaking to Daniel on the phone while you were filming your scenes?

RA: It’s been a long time. (laughs) Oh, you know what, he was on set for me, but I wasn’t on set for him. He was on set for mine, and they shot our stuff on the East Coast. All of Daniel’s stuff was on the West Coast. I couldn’t be there, but he was there for my scenes. He was off camera, and he got to see what I was doing.

SY: Steven Kampmann both directed and co-wrote ‘Buzz Kill.’ Did the fact that he worked on the script help his directorial duties while on the set?

RA: Yeah, mostly because he had the authority to change it if he wanted to, which was great. We’d get on set, and things on the set are never the same as they are in the imagination of the writer. Not only was he close to it, but he was also able to be fluent with whatever as going on.

SY: Steven is also an actor, notably for playing Kirk Devane in the television series ‘Newhart.’ Does working with a director who has acting experience also help while on the set?

RA: I think so. I don’t think all the time. I do think there was an ease he had with actors, and a support. I think he was definitely an actors’ director, and is supportive of actors. He could go to the actors and give them support and freedom, and whatever we needed. So I think it did help.

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