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Interview: Alexander Newton Talks Justice/Vengeance |

Read's exclusive interview with up-and-coming British actor-musician Alexander Newton, who is making his feature film acting debut in the upcoming thriller ‘Justice/Vengeance.’ In the movie, which is set for a Spring 2012 release, Newton plays the younger version of the late Roy Scheider’s character, Joseph. He is the only survivor of his family’s massacre by members of the Nazi SS during World War II. During flashbacks, the story of Joseph’s escape and his teenage love for a heroic Polish girl, portrayed by ‘The Tudors’ star Sarah Bolger, is revealed.

Newton, who was dubbed the “next Robert Pattinson” by Vogue UK, discusses with us, among other things, what his reaction was when he found out he won Best Young Actor at the Boston Film Festival. He also spoke about what it was like working with his father, Joshua, who wrote, directed and produced ‘Justice/Vengeance.’

Written by: Karen Benardello

ShockYa (SY): In ‘Justice/Vengeance,’ you portray the younger version of the main character, Joseph. What was it about the script and the character that attracted you to the role?

Alexander Newton (AN): (laughs) I was convinced to take on the role because my dad was directing the movie. The opportunity to work with him was great. I had been on set with him a lot in the past. I fell in love with the idea of being an actor at a very, very young age.

Obviously, the fact that Roy Scheider played the role was a great thing. He was an incredible actor, and taught me a lot. I felt very confident with the role, well, actually, doing the role. I was on set, and realized this character is a Holocaust survivor. It became difficult in the sense that it was very, very emotional for me.

SY: Speaking of Roy, did he offer you any acting advice while you were on the set?

AN: He did. One of the things that Roy would say was acting is like a child-like belief in the make-believe. Being with Roy on set was easy. He was very calm and composed in his acting methods.

SY: How did you prepare for the role of Joseph? How did you get into his mindset?

AN: I did a lot of research, I studied the Holocaust a lot. My grandparents were Holocaust survivors, so I spoke with them. I went to see Auschwitz. I spent a lot of time in Poland, and tried to imagine it the way it was.

SY: Speaking of your father as well, he wrote, directed, and produced ‘Justice/Vengeance.’ What was it like working with him on the film?

AN: It was great working with Dad. He’s such an inspiration to me. He’s taught me so much, and he’s such a fantastic director, writer and artist, really. My entire life, he’s inspired me to do art, and be good at what I do. So it was good working with him.

I’ve always wanted to direct a film. I guess this is the opportunity for me to do it, the first of many.

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