Thursday, February 16, 2012

Exit Strategy Movie Review

'Exit Strategy' Movie Review, Written by: Karen Benardello

Some people think they have the best romantic relationship, only to find out after moving in together that they aren’t compatible at all. The new self-described “un-romantic comedy” ‘Exit Strategy,’ which New Yorkes can demand expand into a wider theatrical release on Eventful, entertainingly showcases what happens when people realize they no longer find their relationship ideal. They’ll turn to their friends, strangers and even local DJs to seek advice on how to break up, and avoid being trapped in a relationship they no longer want to be in.

‘Exit Strategy’ follows James (played by Jameel Saleem), who gets evicted from his apartment after spending all of his money on his girlfriend of three months, Kim (portrayed by Kimelia Weathers). After his best friends, Carville (played by Quincy “QDeezy” Harris) and Leona (portrayed by Noelle Balfour), decline to let James move with them, his only remaining option is to move in with Kim.

After realizing that Kim isn’t who he thought she was, and isn’t the type of woman he wants to be involved with, he enlists Carville and Leona to help him end the relationship. When Kim insists that breaking up isn’t an option, James also seeks help from L.A.-based radio personality Big Boy (played by himself), a customer at the consignment store he works at (portrayed by Kevin Hart) and high school student Snoop (played by Nick Sinise).

Despite ‘Exit Strategy’ marking Saleem’s major leading feature film acting debut, the actor still wittily portrayed James as being afraid to fully make a serious commitment to Kim. James knew of Kim’s domineering personality to some extent before moving in with her, and as a result, was always adamant that the only reason he was doing so was because Carville and Leona wouldn’t take him. But he genuinely seemed surprised by her controlling, possessive ways once he saw her daily routine, making him hesitant to take their relationship to an even more serious level.

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