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Interview: Bonnie Morgan Talks Flexibility and The Devil Inside |

Read's exclusive interview with contortionist, stuntswoman and actress Bonnie Morgan, who can currently be seen as the demonically possessed Rosa in the new horror thriller ‘The Devil Inside.’ The movie, which is the highest grossing film of 2012 so far, follows Maria Rossi (played by Suzan Crowly) as she calls 911 in 1989 to report that she had brutally killed three people. It’s revealed the victims were two clergy members and a nun from Maria’s church, who were performing an unsanctioned exorcism on her. Twenty years later, her daughter, Isabella (portrayed by Fernanda Andrade), begins filming a documentary to uncover what really happened on the night of her mother’s ill-fated exorcism.

Morgan, who rose to fame after performing Samora’s infamous spider walk in ‘The Ring Two,’ discusses with us what it was like filming with director William Brent Bell. She also talks about how shooting the new low-budget film differed from the sequel to the acclaimed Japanese remake.

Written by: Karen Benardello

ShockYa (SY): You can currently been seen in the horror thriller ‘The Devil Inside,’ in which you play the demonically possessed Rosa. Did your experience as a stuntwoman and contortionist influence your decision to audition for, and accept, the role?

Bonnie Morgan (BM): Actually when I auditioned for ‘The Devil Inside,’ they were not necessarily looking for a contortionist, or even a girl with any stunt experience. I walked into an unsuspecting room as an actress. I came in with the whole thing wrapped and ready: The script was in English, to later be translated, and with the help of my friend Marco Fiorini (the pope in ‘Angels and Demons,’ go figure), I came in with it already done.

I even went as far as to wear a brunette wig and brown contact lenses (I have bright red hair and blue eyes) to look more the part. We got into the scene, Italian curses flying (and some French profanity too, just for good measure)…and then I dislocated my shoulder and screamed like a toddler in a grocery store. And so did they.

SY: While preparing for your role as Rosa, did you do any type of inquiries into exorcisms? If so, did your research influence the way you portrayed her, and the stunts you performed, in the film?

BM: I have actually done quite a bit of exorcism research in the name of character development throughout my career. When it comes to possessed little girls with “otherworldly” movement-I am sort of the go-to-girl.

For instance, in ‘The Ring Two,’ I portrayed ‘Samara’ in the ‘well sequence.’ Production was originally slated to produce her in CGI, but the director, Hideo Nakata, was searching for something more for his audience. I was fortunate enough to be that end result-and developed a movement that my boyfriend assures me gave him nightmares long before he met me, and recurring ones since he realized that she and I were the same.

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