Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bad Girl Island Hittitng DVD and Internet VOD on January 24, 2012

Bad Girl Island, the supernatural thriller starring AnnaLnne McCord, Antonio Sabato Jr. and James Brolin, will be released on DVD and Internet VOD on Tuesday, January 24, 2012. The film, which was directed and written b Stewart Raffill, will be distributed by Freestyle Digital Media, after being shot in 2007.

Murder, temptation and mystical forces are the main themes in Bad Girl Island, which is set on an exotic island in the Bermuda Triangle. The film follows Simone, played by McCord, who mysteriously appears on the island of Eleuthera. She is so enchanting that no man can resist her deadly charm. After seducing wealthy movie producer Michael Pace, portrayed by Sabato, in his dreams, Simone comes back to haunt him in real life.

Michael's best friend is murdered, and the only evidence is of him also being seduced by Simone. When she surprisingly shows up at a casting call with Michael and famous director Terry Bamba, played by Brolin, they become involved in a deadly game of deception, seduction and revenge.

Bad Girl Island is rated R for sexual content, language and some violence. The bonus feature included on the DVD is the trailer for the film.

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