Friday, June 3, 2011

'Waiting for Forever' DVD Review

'Waiting for Forever' DVD Review Written by: Karen Benardello

Director: James Keach

Starring: Tom Sturridge (2011′s ‘On the Road), Rachel Bilson, Richard Jenkins, Blythe Danner

People can wait years to be reunited with their true love, but it seems like they can’t postpone making money. A mere three months after it hit theaters in a limited released, the independent romantic drama ‘Waiting for Forever’ has been released onto DVD by its studio, PCH Film, without any bonus features. While the movie’s lead actors, Tom Sturridge and Rachel Bilson, have a natural spark and chemistry between them, their connection unfortunately won’t solely sell the DVD.

‘Waiting for Forever’ chronicles Will Donner (played by Sturridge) as he travels across America to follow his childhood friend and love Emma Twist (portrayed by Bilson). Now a famous Hollywood actress, Emma heads back to their hometown in Pennsylvania to see her sick father, Richard (played by Richard Jenkins), who is dying. Will is determined to tell Emma how he feels about her, despite his brother Jim’s (portrayed by Scott Mechlowicz) worries that he is emotionally ill, due to the fact that he still talks to their deceased parents.

Despite Jim’s concerns, his wife Susan (played by Jamie King), Will’s childhood friend Joe (portrayed by Nelson Franklin) and his wife Dolores (played by Nikki Blonsky), all encourage Will to tell Emma he loves her. However, Emma is dating Aaron (portrayed by Matthew Davis), who follows her to Pennsylvania to tell her he forgives her for cheating on him with one of his friends. Emma considers marrying Aaron after Will tells her he has been following her around the country. Aaron becomes upset Will has been following Emma, and has him arrested to keep him away from her.

Even PCH Films didn’t include any bonus features on the DVD to give viewers an insight into how the film was made, ‘Waiting for Forever’ is still a respectable choice for Bilson’s fans. The actress, who is most well-known for her roles on the hit Fox teen series’ ‘The O.C.’ and in the sci-fi movie ‘Jumper,’ proves that she’s able to connect with every character she takes on, no matter the genre. Bilson’s performance makes viewers truly believe Emma is determined to become a successful actress; she wants to get away from her small town and her strained relationship with her mother, Miranda (played by Blythe Danner).

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