Friday, June 3, 2011

'The Perfect Host' Movie Review

'The Perfect Host' Movie Review Written by: Karen Benardello

Director: Nick Tomnay

Starring: David Hyde Pierce, Clayne Crawford ('A Walk To Remember,' '24')

Unpredictable plot twists are always the key point to any successful thriller movie. With Magnolia Pictures’ latest suspense-filled thriller, ‘The Perfect Host,’ first time feature film director and writer Nick Tomnay proved his natural film-making abilities by not only creating unforeseen story elements, but also including multi-dimensional characters. The movie’s two main actors, David Hyde Pierce and Clayne Crawford, also help prove that a thriller doesn’t need big budget action sequences to create intrigue.

‘The Perfect Host’ follows criminal John Taylor (played by Crawford), who is on the run from the LAPD for robbing a bank. In order to avoid capture, John ditches his car and rings the doorbell of Warwick Wilson (portrayed by Pierce). After finding a postcard in Warwick’s mailbox from his friend Julia in Sydney, John claims to be a friend of Julia. He tells Warwick that he has just arrived back from visiting her, and lost his luggage and was mugged on the way home from the airport. While Warwick is preparing for a dinner party, he lets John stay, seeing that he has nowhere else to go. However, as the night progresses, John realizes he may be the one who needs to be careful of his new acquaintance.

The most difficult aspect of making ‘The Perfect Host’ for Tomnay was casting the role of Warwick. Having the movie in development since he wrote the short film it’s based on, ‘The Host,’ in 1999, Tomnay still was unable to find a production company to finance ‘The Perfect Host.’ When his manager, Stacey Testro and her partner Martin zoland, finally agreed to serve as producers, Tomnay was only given a small budget to create the movie, and even a smaller amount to give the lead actor.

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