Sunday, June 5, 2011

Seth Green and Billy Baldwin Among Actors Added to 'Sexy Evil Genius' Cast

Seth Green, Billy Baldwin, Michelle Tractenberg and Harold Perrineau Jr. have joined Katee Sackhoff to complete the cast of the upcoming dark comedy 'Sexy Evil Genius.' The Sobini Films feature will mark Shawn Piller's feature directorial debut, though he is known for helming such television shows as 'Haven,' 'Wildfire' and 'Greek.'

'Sexy Evil Genius' follows a group of strangers who are invited by their mutual ex-lover Nikki Frankly, set to be played by Sackhoff, to a bar in downtown Los Angeles. The unpredictable Nikki was just released from prison for murdering her last ex-boyfriend. She shows up at the bar with her morally-questionable lawyer, who's now also her fiancée. Though Nikki won't immediately reveal what her intentions are for the evening, the group assembled at the bar soon realize they're trapped in one of her mind-games.

Producer Mark Amin has said of 'Sexy Evil Genius' that he's been looking for a script that was original, had great characters, a seasoned director with a vision and a compelling story. When 'Sexy Evil Genius' attracted such a great cast, I knew we had found our film."

'Sexy Evil Genius' was written by Scott Lew, who has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease. He penned the script by slightly moving his head, which was connected to a digital keyboard.

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