Wednesday, June 15, 2011

'Jig' Movie Review

'Jig' Movie Review, Written by: Karen Benardello

People are often afraid of the unknown, but if they take a leap of faith, they’ll realize that some things they had misconceptions, or knew little, about are more inspiring than they ever could have realized. Through its interviews with, and showcasing the dances of, several Irish competitive dancers, the new documentary ‘Jig’ proves that the folk dance isn’t just about wigs, costumes and make-up; it’s a creative, positive activity people of all ages and nationalities can express their personalities through.

‘Jig’ marks the first time someone not involved in the aggressively competitive but private world of Irish dance has been able to film the Irish Dancing World Championships. After two years of preparing for the movie, first time theatrical director Sue Bourne chronicles the passion dancers of various cultures, including Irish, American, English, Scottish and Russian, put into the fortieth competition. ‘Jig’ also details the hard work the dancers put in all year just to appear on stage at the championships, which were held in Glasgow, Scotland in March 2010, for a few minutes.

Bourne expertly achieves her goal of proving the dedication all the dancers put into the championships. Viewers will be intrigued by the commitment the dancers put into their practice and the amount of money they spend on their costumes just to win the glory of being named the top competitor in Irish dance. They’re an inspiration, as they don’t mind feeling isolated from many people who aren’t familiar with Irish dancing and who question what they find appealing about the dance that’s little-known outside of the U.K.

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