Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Expendables 2 DVD review

The Expendables 2 DVD review, Written by: Karen Benardello

Releasing a successful, thrilling action movie with popular action actors from the 1980s and '90s who are largely considered past their prime is difficult undertaking. But when the film surprising includes intense stunts and memorable performances, a sequel is undoubtedly immediately put into the works. When the follow-up film, like the action sequel 'The Expendables 2,' which is now available to rent on DVD at select Long Island Redbox locations, is just as stimulating as the original, the actors prove how talented and valuable they really are.

'The Expendables 2' follows Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone), the leader of the title mercenary group, leads his members, including his right-hand man, Lee Christmas (Jason Statham); Yin Yang (Jet Li); Gunner Jensen (Dolph Lundgren); Toll Road (Randy Couture) and Hale Caesar (Terry Crews); as they're enlisted by Mr. Church (Bruce Willis) to take on a seemingly simple job. The group, who is aided by two new recruits, Billy the Kid (Liam Hemsworth) and Maggie (Yu Nan), must seek revenge, however, when things go wrong and one of their own is killed.

In hostile territory where the odds are stacked against them, the Expendables must shut down an unexpected threat. Jean Vilane (Jean-Claude Van Damme), the leader of an opposing group of mercenaries that's responsible for the death of one of the Expendables, plans on using five tons of weapons-grade plutonium he recently discovered to change the balance of power in the world. Along with the help of fellow mercenaries Trench (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Booker (Chuck Norris), the Expendables aim to stop Jean before he can use the plutonium to his advantage.

‘The Expendables 2’ DVD extras offer several glimpses into the camaraderie of the actors through several deleted scenes and a gag reel. Viewers can also see a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes and filming process of the action adventure thriller through several making-of features and an audio commentary by West.

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