Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jack and Diane Movie Review

Jack and Diane Shockya Movie Review, Written by: Karen Benardello Director: Bradley Rust Gray (‘The Exploding Girl’) Starring: Riley Keough (‘Magic Mike’), Juno Temple (‘The Dark Knight Rises’), Cara Seymour (‘Adaptation,’ ‘Gangs of New York’) and Kylie Minogue Creating enthralling, unique coming-of-age romance films involving teenagers experimenting with new found emotions can pose a challenge to many writer-directors. The new romance drama ‘Jack and Diane,’ which is now playing in select theaters, not only aims to showcase the startling, emerging feelings between the two title characters, but also aspires to incorporate unexpected elements of horror. While the two well-cast main actresses in the movie emotionally show the struggles of their characters, the inclusion of the horror subplot unfortunately takes away from the otherwise intriguing story. ‘Jack and Diane’ follows tomboy Jack (played by Riley Keough) and the outgoing Diane (portrayed by Juno Temple), as they meet and fall in love over the summer in New York City. But Jack’s tough personality and Diane’s reserved innocence and hesitance over starting a romantic relationship with another girl doesn’t prepare either one for the ever growing feelings the two are developing for each other. When Diane finally reveals to Jack that her Aunt Linda (played by Cara Seymour) is sending her to Paris at the end of the summer for a school program, Jack begins to push her away. As Diane struggles to maintain their growing relationship, despite her aunt’s objections over their romance, Diane tries to conceal from Jack the dark and violent visions she’s been having of transforming into a werewolf. Bradley Rust Gray, who both wrote and directed the horror romance drama, featured a genuine insight into the confusing and complicated romantic feelings teenagers experience as they try to navigate high school love. The title characters’ continuously conflicting emotions are intriguingly balanced between Jack’s pursuit of Diane and the latter’s subtle, but ever-growing, trust in her new girlfriend. Just when Gray tricks audiences into believing the two girls have found security with each other, he included another unexpected twist to keep them apart, from Diane’s school trip to Paris to Jack’s unwillingness to fight to make their long-distance relationship work. To continue reading this review, visit Shockya.

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