Friday, March 9, 2012

Peachcake's Single You Matter Featured on MTV's The Challenge

"You Matter," the latest single from electronic pop-dance band Peachcake, was featured on the March 7 episode of MTV's hit reality series "The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes." Stefan Pruett, the lead singer of Peachcake, said the fact that "You Matter" was featured on the show is "uplifting, rad and nostalgic." He wrote the song, which is now in rotation on several Top 40 stations in California, Vermont, Arkansas, Nevada and the band's home state, Arizona, for his late brother, Alex.

Pruiett added that "You Matter" is about "the two of us growing up in a small town and wanting to make a difference on a large scale in the world." The song, which was released on Peachcake's EP, "This Wasn't Our Plan," has become an anthem for fans to follow their dreams.

The recently-released video for "You Matter" was written and directed by Pruett's high school friend, Bud Bennett, from Los Angeles' Image Armory. The video featured students from their high school, so that people "can recapture that youthful exuberance-how they felt when they were growing up," Pruett said. He added that he also hopes the video will inspire people to go out and do something fun, even when "life feels against them in some way."

Peachcake, who signed with Warner Music Group in 2007, will play at this year's Red Gorilla Music Festival during South by Southwest in Austin. The band will also perform at this year's Slottsfjell festival in Norway. They'll be promoting "This Wasn't Our Plan," which supports their upcoming album "Unbelievable Souls," which will be released later this year.

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