Thursday, March 15, 2012

Interview: Gael Garcia Bernal and Genesis Rodriguez Talk About Their Roles in Casa de mi Padre

Interview: Gael Garcia Bernal and Genesis Rodriguez Talk About Their Roles in Casa de mi Padre, Written by: Karen Benardello

Question (Q): Both of you have backgrounds in soap operas in Mexico, and in independent films, and this is more mainstream. Was it difficult to work with Will, a Hollywood actor, since he is so over-the-top and crazy?

Gael Garcia Bernal (GGB)
: You called this mainstream comedy, and this isn’t mainstream. Films are films. It’s a lot of objectives to pigeonhole films. I think it’s a film first, and then you can add the other objectives to it. If it’s good, it doesn’t matter how much money it has, or the language it’s in.

Working with Will is no different than working with any other great actor from anywhere else in the world, in any language. He’s a great, fantastic, intelligent person.

For me, English is my second language, so I have problems improvising in English. Will had a few little problems, but he had to go for it. He had to be in the rhythm of the conversation in Spanish. So it was nice to finally see someone suffering what you go through.

Genesis Rodriguez (GR): That’s a good point, Gael. He was very sneaky, and would ask, why is this feminine, and why is this masculine? He would ask, is this a transitive verb? You would be like, wow, he really wants to learn our language, this is special, he loves us. No. It was all so he could improvise. (laughs)

Q: Did he have that stare that he gives often that gets laughs, even if he’s not saying anything?

: That stare, it was really hard not to laugh at him. Then he’s so frustrated with the language, so it just made it funnier. I think I got the hardest one, because they got to be funny, and I was super-serious.

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