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Interview: Kirby Bliss Blanton Talks Project X |

Read's exclusive interview with up-and-coming actress Kirby Bliss Blanton, who can currently be seen in the new comedy ‘Project X.’ The highly anticipated film, which was helmed by first-time director Nima Nourizadeh, follows three high school seniors who decide to throw a house party when their parents go out of town. While the teens are aiming to make a name for themselves before they graduate, the party quickly spirals out of control after word about it quickly spreads on the Internet.

‘Project X’ has garnered hype because it’s one of the first comedies to be shot through the point-of-view of the camera of one of the students filming the the party. Todd Phillips, the director, writer and producer of such hit comedies as ‘The Hangover’ and ‘Old School,’ also served as a producer on ‘Project X,’ marking his first high school party film. He also decided to cast many un- or little-known actors for the main characters, to give up-and-comers the chance to be cast in a movie. Blanton discuses with us, among other things, what it was like working with both Phillips and Nourizadeh, and why casting un-known actors helped bring an authenticity to the characters.

Written by: Karen Benardello

ShockYa (SY): You portray Kirby, the female lead, in the new comedy ‘Project X.’ What was it about the script that convinced you to appear in the film?

Kirby Bliss Blanton (KBB): I really didn’t know too much about the script and the story until I was attached, just because it w so hush-hush. But I did know that Todd Phillips was involved, and I was definitely a fan of his work before. I was a fan of ‘Old School,’ and I knew ‘The Hangover’ really well. They’re both legends.

It was enough that I knew that comedy was definitely something I wanted to do. With Todd attached, that was enough for me. Then there was Joel Silver, who’s a huge producer, he does things on a huge scale, so that was a huge incentive.

SY: Like you said, Todd is known for directing and producing such male bonding/partying movies as ‘The Hangover’ and ‘Old School.’ What was it like working with him, and what is it about his approach to films that makes him so successful?

KBB: I think everything was a little less serious this time around, just because Todd wasn’t actually directing. We had a first-time director, Nima (Nourizadeh). So Todd wasn’t on set all the time, and the same with Joel. They were there, but not always. I think it’s something they both wanted to do, and then they let Nima take it and run with it, which was great. That’s why I think the movie’s so visually stunning.

SY: Like you said, ‘Project X’ is Nima’s feature film directorial debut. What was it like working with him, as a first-time director?

KBB: Once you get used to the fact that you’re not sure where the camera’s going to be all the time, which is also the way that we shot this, there were two different cameras. It was shot like a music video, which is why it looks like a music video. That’s mainly what Nima had done before. But it’s perfect for the whole party scene, because you feel like you’re there.

Once I got used to the fact that the camera was just going to be watching, and it’s just part of what’s happening, it was really great. He definitely knows what he’s doing. Once I saw the finished project, I was just astonished.

SY: ‘Project X’ was filmed through the first-person view of the cameraman observing the party, in an effort to create the effect of the audience being in attendance. Do you think the technique was beneficial in showing how the main characters were experiencing the party?

KBB: Absolutely. It’s interesting, because it’s like if you were at the party, or if you got a little glimpse into someone’s life, you do get to see things that you wouldn’t get to see in other movies. The camera does follow, or hide, to show intimate moments, which is really fun.

It’s great for the actors, because it’s not like the camera is right up in your face. You’re not trying to look in the lens, it’s more organic.

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