Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lylit Unexpected EP Review

Lylit Unexpected EP Review

Written by: Karen Benardello

Singer, song-writer and instrumentalist Lylit, who hails from Austria, the classical music capital of the world and the birthplace of such music legends as Mozart and Beethoven, is striving to bring her unique gospel-infused jazz sound over to the US. Her new EP, ‘Unexpected,’ comes with high expectations, as she has the same look and feel as R&B/pop-rock singer-songwriter-musician Pink. Even at the young age of 25, Lylit already stands out, as she has a life full of diverse experiences to write about.

‘Unexpected’ doesn’t fail to deliver with its first song, titled ‘The Plan,’ as it instantly grabs its listeners’ attention and refuses to let go. ‘The Plan’ definitely sets a high bar for the rest of the EP with a catchy instrumental melody leading up to Lylit’s surprisingly powerful voice. The gospel singer draws her listeners in and refuses to let go; the song infuses the Austrian gospel countryside with African American traditions. Lylit creates a unique sound by channeling the hip-hop/jazz/classical mix she learned while being professionally trained during her university years. She surprises yet again during the last minute of ‘The Plan,’ as her instruments are tuned down to primarily feature her commanding voice.

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