Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kwanza Jones Interview

Exclusive Shockya.com Interview with Singer-Songwriter Kwanza Jones

Written by: Karen Benardello

Read our exclusive interview with singer-songwriter Kwanza Jones, whose third studio album, ‘Supercharged,’ is set to hit stores in February 2011. Jones, a seasoned traveler and instrumentalist, discusses with us, among other things, what it was like meeting Quincy Jones, getting her start in the music industry at the famed Apollo Theater and where she gets her inspirations for her songs.

Shockya (SY): While you were a student at Princeton, you met Quincy Jones, which lead you to become interested in music as a profession. What was it about him that pushed you towards singing?

Kwanza Jones (KJ): His words. We were talking about music and my interest in it and he said to me “I know you’ll achieve because your heart is in the right place.” He also told me to “create an identifiable sound.” I figured he’s been around long enough to know. So I listened.

SY: Shortly after meeting Quincy, you performed on “Showtime at the Apollo” at the Apollo Theater. What was that experience like?

KJ: Performing at the Apollo was like being thrown into the ocean and knowing you either sink or swim. The audience at Showtime at the Apollo can be harsh. If they don’t like what you’re doing, you can be booed and kicked off stage. From that experience I learned that liking to sing isn’t enough. People want to be entertained, so you better be prepared to bring it. I definitely brought it and I won!

SY: Your third studio album, ‘Supercharged,’ is scheduled to be released in February 2011. How would you describe the sound of it?

KJ: ‘Supercharged’ is like an energy drink for your ears. Vocally it’s raw and passionate. Musically it’s synth and guitar driven. Your head will bob, your feet will move and your attitude will adjust. I’m going for a fun, danceable sound in this album. For a sneak preview, you can check out my new single
“Think Again” at www.kwanzajones.com. It just charted at #2 in the Billboard Breakout for Hot Dance Club Play charts. It’s also available on Amazon and iTunes.

Read more: http://www.shockya.com/news/2010/12/13/exclusive-kwanza-jones-supercharged-cd-interview/#ixzz18CG5MTqO

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