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Exclusive Patrick Fabian Interview

Exclusive Patrick Fabian Interview about 'The Last Exorcism' DVD Release

Written by: Karen Benardello

Read our exclusive interview with Patrick Fabian, who portrays Reverend Cotton Marcus in the mockumentary horror film ‘The Last Exorcism.’ The hit movie, which was directed by Daniel Stamm, is scheduled to be released on Blu-ray and DVD on January 4, 2011. Fabian discusses with us, among other things, what it was like to appear in the critically-acclaimed movie and what his future career plans are.

Shockya (SY): ‘The Last Exorcism’ made over $20 million alone over its opening weekend (August 27-29, 2010). What did it feel like knowing that so many people accepted it and went out to the theater to see it?

Patrick Fabian (PF): Well, it was a wonderful surprise. I think Lionsgate (the studio that released the movie) and Eli Roth (who produced the film), had a great viral campaign for it. For people to go out and see it, there was a great build-up of interest. We were hoping for maybe $9 million because it was a wide release. When it cracked over $20 million, we were neck-and-neck with another film. We were thrilled. We thought we had a good tale in the end, and that helped spread it out. I have to say, you just never know in this business. All the things can be in place, and you can have big movie stars, real Oscar contenders, and their movies can tank. You just never know what the public’s going to go for. We were thrilled, it was a real dream come true. Now it’s about $75 million worldwide, it’s just now opening in Australia. We’re up for a People’s Choice Award. I got a couple acting awards, up in Toronto. We were nominated for a Spirit Award. It’s the exorcism that keeps giving, no doubt about it!

Q: Like you said, you’re nominated for a couple of awards. What’s it like knowing the world embraced your performance as Reverend Marcus?

PF: Totally thrilling! I got the Best Actor award at the AfterDark Festival in Toronto, and that was voted by the audience. Then there’s a horror festival going on over in Europe, for 43 years now, the Sitges Awards, in a beach town in Spain. And I got an e-mail awhile ago, saying that I ended up winning the Best Actor award for it. So they asked me e-mail a speech, that they translated for me. Then a box came about four days later, and there’s a statue of the robot from ‘Metropolis.’ So it was like my mini-Oscar basically. It was totally fun. We’re still waiting to hear about the People’s Choice Awards. There will be a little gasp if that happens.

Q: When the movie comes out on Blu-ray and DVD on January 4th, right before the People’s Choice Awards, why should horror fans go out and buy it?

PF: It’s got all those great extras that you’ll want. There’s commentary from myself, Daniel Stamm, Ashley Bell (who portrayed Nell Sweetzer) and Louis Herthum (who played Nell’s father, Louis). Then there’s also commentary from Eli Roth and producers Eric Newman and Marc Abraham on another one. I’m curious to see, after doing the commentary myself, what Eli’s take on it is when he’s watching the film. There were parts when me and Ashley were like, “We really like this scene.” Then Eli might be like, “Yeah, I don’t really like it so much. Ashley and Patrick were really bad.” There’s also going to be behind-the-scenes footage, a whole making-of featurette that they put together. On the Blu-ray discs, they actually have Ashley and mine’s auditions. That, I’m very curious about. I remember the audition, but I’m curious to see if my memory actually stacks up to what’s there. That would be great to see. There are a lot of great features. It’s going to look great in Blu-ray machines. It’s also just in time for Valentine’s Day, so it will be a great gift for your loved ones!

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