Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Darling Companion DVD Review

Darling Companion Examiner DVD Review, Written by: Karen Benardello People often don’t realize the value and meaning of companionship until their relationship is strained and they become emotionally or physically separated. This is certainly the case in the drama ‘Darling Companion,’ which Long Islanders can now rent at select Red Box locations. The drama focuses on what happens when a married couple starts to emotionally grown apart, and can no longer connect. When they finally find something to connect over, a dog in the case of the film’s main married couple, Beth and Joseph Winter, they’ll do anything they can to protect it. ‘Darling Companion’ follows Beth and Joseph (played by Diane Keaton and Kevin Kline) as they both learn to cope with their two daughters, Grace (portrayed by Elisabeth Moss) and Ellie (portrayed by Lindsay Sloane), living on their own. Beth views her successful surgeon husband as self-involved, so when she finds an abandoned dog at the side of the freeway, she decides to rescue and keep him. While Joseph is hesitant at first, he comes to care about the dog, who Beth has named Freeway. Watch the official trailer for the drama 'Darling Companion,' which is now available to rent at Red Box. After Grace marries the veterinarian who treated Freeway, Sam (played by Jay Ali), at the Winters’ country cabin, Beth and Joseph stay behind with his sister, Penny (portrayed by Dianne Wiest); her new boyfriend, Russell (played by Richard Jenkins), who everyone is wary of; Penny’s son Bryan (portrayed by Mark Duplass), who is also a surgeon; and the cabin’s caregiver, Carmen (played by Ayelet Zurer). When Joseph is walking Freeway in the woods, the dog becomes lost, setting off a days-long search of the area. Due to their love and devotion to Freeway, and their devotion to finding him, everyone begins to reevaluate their lifestyle choices and relationships with each other. The DVD extras for ‘Darling Companion’ contain two featurettes, including a look at the behind-the-scenes and Kasdan’s directorial work; a video on dogs and the casting of two dogs for the role of freeway; and interviews with the cast and crew at the New York premiere of the film. The most detailed and intimate look into the making of the drama is the feature-length audio commentary, featuring Kline, Kasdan and his wife, Meg, who helped write the script. The writing duo discusses how their real-life experience of rescuing, losing and finding their dog Mac inspired them to make ‘Darling Companion.’ The helmer also reflects on some of his directorial work, while Kline spoke about his experiences filming the movie. To continue reading this review, please visit Examiner.

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