Saturday, September 8, 2012

Austin Basis 'Beauty and the Beast' Interview

Austin Basis 'Beauty and the Beast' Shockya Interview, Written by: Karen Benardello Love can be found in the most unusual and unsuspecting places between two people who seemingly have little or nothing in common with each other. Such is the case between the title characters on the anticipated CW romance drama series ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ which premieres on Thursday, October 11 at 9pm after ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ The new, modernized take on the classic fairytale incorporates contemporary societal issues and crimes into the familiar love story of two people destined to be together, but are continuously pulled apart by their differing personalities. ‘Beauty and the Beast’ follows Catherine “Cat” Chandler (played by Kristin Kreuk), a smart homicide detective who is haunted by her tragic past. When she witnessed the murder of her mother as a teenager, she came to believe that someone, or something, rescued her from the two gunmen, although no one believes her. But as an adult, Tess has developed a strong relationship with her partner, Tess Vargas (portrayed by Nina Lisandrello), as they work to solve similar crimes. While working a case, Cat and Tess are lead to investigate a doctor, Vincent Keller (played by Jay Ryan), who was reportedly killed while serving in Afghanistan in 2002. After Cat finds Vincent, he admits that he went into hiding, with the help of his childhood friend JT Forbes (portrayed by Austin Basis), because when he becomes enraged, he turns into an enraged beast. He also reveals to Cat that he was the one who saved her on the night of her mother’s murder. Basis generously took the time to speak to us over the phone from Toronto, where he’s currently filming episodes for the first season of ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ Among other things, the versatile actor discussed what attracted him to the role of JT; what it’s like working with his co-stars, Ryan and Kreuk; and how the role of JT is similar to, and different from, one of his most well-known characters, Math Rogers, on another CW drama, ‘Life Unexpected.’ ShockYa (SY): You play JT Forbes on the CW’s anticipated romance series ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ What was it about the character that convinced you to take on the role? Austin Basis (AB): Well, I always relate to the every man and the humor about a character. So what I mean in this situation, with ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ is that I think he’ll be the most relatable character. He seems to be going in this situation where he’s way in over his head. So the supernatural aspect of it, the romantic aspect of it, the government agency chasing you aspect of it, is written really smartly and funny. JT’s probably the smartest character I’ve ever played, both on the page and in his character background. He was a biochemistry major, which is his profession now, and he’s a medical researcher. He’s really smart, and really has his stuff together. To continue reading this interview, please visit Shockya.

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