Thursday, June 7, 2012

1 Out Of 7 Movie Review

'1 Out Of 7' Shockya Movie Review, Written by: Karen Benardello Director: York Shackleton (‘Kush’) Starring: Laura Ramsey (‘Kill the Irishman,’ ‘The Ruins’), Toby Hemingway (‘Black Swan,’ ‘In Time’) and Vivica A. Fox People often search their entire lives to find their true identities and truly succeed on their own terms. These desires are the strong motivating factors for the main teen characters in writer-director York Shackleton’s new drama ’1 Out Of 7,’ which is set to hit VOD and select theaters tomorrow. Desperate to get away from their parents and make a life for themselves on their own, they don’t realize how difficult independence can be until they’re forced to live on the desolate streets, alone and scared. ’1 Out Of 7′ follows Lexi (Laura Ramsey), who runs away from her overbearing mother Jan (Theresa Russell) and their home in Seattle after another abusive incident. What starts as a temporary escape to Portland with her friend Tasha (Kelly Kruger), turns into Lexi living on the streets of Portland with the hundreds of other forgotten runaway teens. Lexi meets fellow drug user and street kid Eric (Toby Hemingway), and finally feels like she has met someone who truly loves and understands her. When Eric abandons Lexi in order to sore his next high, she finds herself alone on the streets. Overwhelmed by despair and loneliness, Lexi turns to Devon (Vivica A. Fox), who, despite battling her own demons, takes her in off the streets. As the two begins to form an emotional bond, Lexi must question what she wants to do with the rest of her life. She must decide if she wants to continue living on her own, or return to her sister Krisi (Mika Boorem) and their mother, who is expressing grief and regret over the way her relationship with her daughter turned out. In ’1 Out Of 7,’ Shackleton captured the essence of teenage angst through Lexi’s estranged relationship with her mother. Lexi feels conflicted over her despaired feelings towards her mother; she thinks Jan’s overbearing ways are what drives everyone away, especially after her father left the family. But once she begins experiencing loneliness and helplessness on the streets of Portland, Lexi truly evolves. She comes to appreciate her mother’s concern for her life and future, even if she doesn’t express her thoughts in the most heartfelt way. After spending time, and speaking, with Devon, Lexi realizes that her mother must truly be worried about where she is and if she’s still alive. She finally begins to ponder if she should give up some of her new-found freedom and independence to return back to her family. To continue reading this review, please click here.

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