Thursday, November 24, 2011

Top Five Things Karen Is Thankful For in 2011 |

It’s that season again, when Americans count their blessings and remember what’s happened to them in the past year that they’re thankful about. While many people will include their family and friends, their homes and their jobs, if they’re lucky enough to have one in the continually bad economy, at the time of their lists, many things have happened in the entertainment world in 2011 that pop culture followers will surely love as well. Whether it be the continuation of an old favorite television series, the premiere of a new hit show or the release of a touching film, this edition of ShockYa’s latest mini-series will remind movie and TV fans of the great things that happened in the entertainment world in the past year.

The CW renews ‘Supernatural’ for a seventh season.

Eric Kripe, the creator of the hit horror television series ‘Supernatural,’ which debuted on The WB in 2005 before making the leap to the newly launched CW a year later, originally only intended for the show to run for three seasons, before changing it to five; he wanted the series to end on a high note, and not wear out its welcome. However, ‘Supernatural’ has garnered a cult following among fans for the natural, believable chemistry between its main stars, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Combined with the intricate mythology of the demons, angels, God and the diverse, clashing personalities of brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, ‘Supernatural’ has the momentum to continue for several more years.

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