Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Interview: Madison Dylan Talks Femme fatales

Read Shockya's exclusive interview with Madison Dylan, who portrays Alexis on the two-part ‘Femme Fatales’ season finale, titled ‘Visions,’ which will premiere on July 29 and August 5, 2011 at 11pm on Cinemax. The late-night, film noir-inspired 13-part anthology series follows powerful, sexy and dangerous women who find extraordinary ways of coping with their problems. Dylan discusses with us, among other things, what inspired her to audition for the role of Alexis, and how the role challenged her beliefs.

Written by: Karen Benardello

Shockya (SY): You’re set to portray Alexis on Cinemax’s ‘Femme Fatale’s two-part season finale, ‘Visions.’ What was it about the show that you found most appealing that convinced you to audition for the role of Alexis?

Madison Dylan (MD): First of all, the name, ‘Femme Fatales’ sounded just so awesome! I was definitely intrigued from the beginning. Then I read the breakdown, which mentioned it was a ‘film-noir’-type of show for Cinemax. I had never really done something along those lines with such a great script! The first episode I did took place in a sorority house; that was cool because I actually went to a sorority myself…for the semester I went to college! Plus, I knew my representation would never steer me in the wrong direction! And I have to say….BEST decision of my life!!

SY: What was your auditioning process like for the role of Alexis? How did you hear about the show?

MD: I heard about the show through my manager. He mentioned that this was going to be a great show, and definitely worth going out for! From the creators of the show (Mark Altman and Steve Kriozere), casting, script…everything seemed to be perfect! It’s funny, because originally I went out for the role of Tiffany, played by Catherine Annett. I believe all the girls did. Then they would cast the other roles accordingly via personality, looks, etc. In the casting session, they made sure that I wasn’t afraid to be topless. I believe my response was, “Not at all! I love being topless!” Though I’ve never been topless on screen before this, I thought the show was definitely good enough to be my first time! I mean, there is a first time for everything! Sometimes I speak too freely, but it’s always the truth!

SY: Alexis lures men into irresistible desires that often lead them into dangerous and deadly situations. How did you prepare for the role?

MD: When I got the call saying I was cast as Alexis instead of the role of Tiffany, I re-read the script, and absolutely fell in love with Alexis! She, out of all the Femme Fatales, is closest to me, to be quite honest! Preparing for ‘Alexis’ was fun. Writing her backstory, finding out why she does the things she does, and what secrets she’s hiding, were extremely fun to figure out. It gave me a lot to work with as in mannerisms, personality, and spunk…all while being able to put on the charming and ditzy act. And one of the best parts was that in the end, ‘Alexis’ has a big turn. You find out that she is actually not ditzy and dumb at all; she was in fact the brains behind the entire operation. I have to say, if I could invent a Femme Fatale of my own, Alexis would be a dead-ringer! She is my ultimate Femme Fatale, and I love her so much! I feel so blessed that Mark and Steve wrote this character, and that I get to play her…what a privilege!

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