Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Exclusive Cody Deal Interview on 'Almighty Thor'

Read our exclusive interview with actor Cody Deal, whose next set to portray the title role in the SyFy Original television movie ‘Almighty Thor.’ The movie follows the Norse god as he tries to defeat the villainous Loki (played by Richard Grieco) before he can defeat both the world of the gods and the world of men. Deal discusses with us, among other things, why Thor fans should watch ‘Almighty Thor’ when it premieres on May 7, 2011, and how he transitioned to the superhero role after appearing in several comedies, including ‘Get Him to the Greek.’

Written by: Karen Benardello

Shockya (SY): You are next set to play the title role in the upcoming SyFy Original television movie ‘Almighty Thor,’ which premieres on May 7, 2011. What attracted you to the role of Thor?

Cody Deal (CD): I originally auditioned for Mavel’s ‘Thor’ before I moved to Los Angeles. Doing research on the role then, and being a fan of watching their version come together, is something I took an interest in long before I heard about ‘Almighty Thor.’ At that time, I browsed all corners of the Internet researching Marvel’s ‘Thor’ and went to the public library and picked up a large collection of comics including The Avengers comics.

When I heard about the audition for ‘Almighty Thor,’ I felt with total confidence that I already knew this character. I had studied him almost two years prior and breathed life into my own interpretation of him. All of that is what initially attracted me to want to want to take full advantage of this second opportunity to become Thor on screen.

SY: ‘Almighty Thor’ is going against the high-profile Marvel Studios adaptation of ‘Thor,’ which is being released theatrically a day before your film debuts on SyFy. Why should the comic book fans watch ‘Almighty Thor,’ and what is unique about your film?

CD: This particular version of Thor becomes very interesting for the Thor fanatic because they will be watching a story of Thor that they don’t already know.

‘Almighty Thor’ is a coming of age story of a young hero who, although eager to fight, is not yet ready for the mantle of leadership. Yet certain circumstances make him have to embrace who he really is much sooner than he wants to and Thor becomes the only hope to save the world of men and the world of gods. Loki (played by Richard Grieco) is an all-powerful God and threatens to destroy everything in his path. And, Odin (played by Kevin Nash) has to make the decision to let Thor step up when he, too, may not think he is ready.

What makes this truly interesting for Thor fans is the old Norse legends weren’t really about coming of age. The stories around Thor talk about him being born by a human mother and his God-father, Odin, but it does not talk about his early life. Just like when Jesus of Nazereth becomes The Christ, no one knows much about his first 33 years on earth, because it’s not documented. The same is true for Thor. The polytheistic traditions didn’t explore his early youth. But ‘Almighty Thor doesn’t. What you see is a God who begins to embrace his divinity; his greatness.

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