Thursday, December 8, 2011

Interview: Titus Makin, Jr. Talks A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song |

Read's exclusive interview with Titus Makin, Jr., who recently appeared as Mickey O’Malley in the second direct-to-video sequel in the ‘Cinderella Story’ series, ‘Once Upon a Song.’ The actor and musician also landed his first leading role, as Zach Taylor, in the latest NBC Walmart/P&G family film ‘Game of Your Life.’ Makin, Jr. is also playing the recurring part of David, a friend of Darren Criss’ character Blaine and a Warbler member of the Dalton Acad, on ‘Glee,’ for the second concurrent season. He discusses with us, among other things, what attracted him to the roles, and how working in films differs than working on television.

Written by: Karen Benardello

ShockYa (SY): You play Mickey O’Malley in the new comedy ‘A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song.’ What was it about Mickey that convinced you to take the role?

Titus Makin, Jr. (TM): So many things, actually. I’ve never actually been able to play a role so close to myself, and this definitely was that role. Like the personality, Mickey’s so outgoing, and he likes to dance. There are just so many things about Mickey O’Malley that are like me and my personal comfort zone, which was great to switch it up. In the past, I’ve played a nerd, a gang member, there’s been so many different things, and he definitely fit right in with me, which was cool. Plus, it’s about music, which I love. I love doing things involved with music.

SY: As you said, ‘Once Upon a Song’ features a musical aspect; it follows the vocally gifted Katie, who’s played by Lucy Hale, as she’s forced to sing tracks so her untalented stepsister, Bev Van Ravensway, played by Megan Park, can win a recording contract. Having played David on ‘Glee’ for the past two seasons, did the film’s musical element appeal to you?

TM: Oh yes, absolutely. Plus, Lucy is phenomenally talented. I was hoping the director (Damon Santostefano) would write something in it so that I could sing with her, but it wasn’t appropriate for my character. Yeah, it definitely attracted me to the role, knowing that it was about dancing and singing, and it was at a performing arts high school. It’s definitely something I’ve been comfortable with for the past year.

SY: ‘Once Upon a Song’ is the third movie in the ‘Cinderella Story’ series. Were you familiar with the previous two installments, 2004’s ‘A Cinderella Story,’ starring Hilary Duff, and 2008’s ‘Another Cinderella Story,’ featuring Selena Gomez, before you began shooting?

TM: Yeah. It was actually cool how that worked out. I had happened to watch the one with Hilary Duff, the original one, a long time ago, and I liked it a lot. I thought, that was cool, that was a nice little twist to the Cinderella story. Then upon booking this one, I went back and watched the Selena Gomez one, and I just wanted to catch myself up. They’ve all been very good, and I’m happy to be a part of this one.

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