Saturday, July 2, 2011

'Sucker Punch' DVD Review

'Sucker Punch' Examiner DVD Review

Many people often resort to imagining they’re living in a fantasy world when they’re living through a terrible situation. This is unfortunately the case for screenwriter and director Zach Snyder, whose latest movie ‘Sucker Punch’ is now available on DVD at select Long Island Blockbuster locations. Snyder took bold, daring choices while creating the storyline and filming the ambitious stunts for the thriller, but much like main character Babydoll, audiences will be anxious to get away from her life.

‘Sucker Punch’ follows Babydoll (played by Emily Browning) as she’s institutionalized at the Lennox House for the Mentally Insane by her abusive stepfather (portrayed by Gerard Plunkett). He not only wants to cover up the fact that she’s trying to inform the police he’s responsible for her sister’s death, but also prevent her from reclaiming her recently deceased mother's fortune. Her stepfather bribes one of orderlies, Blue Jones (played by Oscar Isaac), into forging the signature of the asylum’s psychiatrists, Dr. Vera Gorski (portrayed by Carla Gugino), so that Babydoll can be lobotomized.

To adjust to her new life in the asylum, Babydoll retreats into several fantasy worlds. The first follows her into a brother owned by Blue, who is now a mobster. Babydoll meets four other girls, including Amber (played by Jamie Chung), Blondie (portrayed by Vanessa Hudgens), Rocket (played by Jena Malone) and Rocket’s older sister, Sweet Pea (portrayed by Abbie Cornish). Dr. Gorski, who is now the girls’ dance instructor, informs Babydoll that she’s being sold to The High Roller (played by John Hamm), who’s also the surgeon who will perform her lobotomy in the real world.

Babydoll ultimately convinces Amber, Blondie, Rocket and Sweet Pea to help plan an escape from the brothel. While they’re preparing their escape, Babydoll recedes into her second fantasy world, feudal Japan. The five girls not only find ways to defeat the demonic samurai in Japan in Babydoll’s second fantasy, but also carry out their escape plan from the brothel in her first invented world.

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