Saturday, May 14, 2011

'Priest' Movie Review

'Priest' Movie Review Written by: Karen Benardello

Director: Scott Stewart (‘Legion’)

Starring: Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet, Maggie Q (TV’s ‘Nikita’)

A big budget, post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller with vampires is the perfect set-up for an entertaining, intriguing plot. Add in Cam Gigandet, who rose to fame after playing evil vampire James in the movie adaptation of ‘Twilight,’ and director Scott Stewart, who helmed last year’s similarly-themed film ‘Legion,’ and the new Screen Gems film ‘Priest’ seemed destined to become successful at the box office. But unfortunately, the story-line of the action-horror film fell under the pressure, and its only redeeming quality that positively captures the audiences’ attention is its visual effects.

‘Priest’ takes place in an alternate world, as Paul Bettany’s title character, a veteran warrior, tries to live in obscurity after the last Vampire War. Priest tries to assimilate with the other humans in one of the Church’s walled cities after the centuries-old war between vampires and humans ended. Church leaders are trying to make everyone believe that most of the vampires are dying in seclusion, but are still a danger to their society. But Priest is informed that his niece, Lucy Pace (played by Lily Collins), is kidnapped by the vampire leader Black Hat (portrayed by Karl Urban).

Priest defies Monsignor Orelas (played by Christopher Plummer) by breaking his sacred vows to leave the city to search for Lucy. Priest is accompanied by Lucy’s wasteland sheriff boyfriend Hicks (portrayed by Gigandet). While the two are searching for Lucy, Warrior Priestess (played by Maggie Q), is sent by the Monsignor to capture Priest and bring him back to the city, dead or alive.

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